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De-Icing Airline

Can-Air De-Icing Airline

Pond Pro has a custom-designed perforated sinking airline specifically for large de-icing projects for lagoons, marinas, barges, tailings ponds, and more. 

This airline is perfect to de-ice small openings around docks, piers, and barges or to create long narrow openings through the ice, by creating bubble curtains. 

This made-in-Canada, food-grade PVC-weighted airline is perforated for even air release from the perforated de-icing tubing. Further, this airline is designed solely for industrial use, ensuring it is tough, reliable, and effective. 

This tubing has also been used for applications such as creating a barrier to collect or block floating objects such as trash. 

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De-Icing Airline

  • Food Grade Weighted PVC

  • Made in Canada

  • Even perforations made during manufacturing

  • 1cfm/ 20'

  • Ideal for industrial applications including lagoons, barges, marinas, and more

  • Can be used to create bubble curtains to create barriers for floating objects (Ex. trash)

  • Can be operated off small as 1/4HP Compressor. 

For system design recommendations and pricing contact our team 

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