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Industrial De-Icing

Boat & Dock De-Icing for Waterfronts from Kasco Marine, Powerhouse and Arbrux

We have the expertise and the equipment to protect your docks, marinas, cargo ports, boats, and barges. Our equipment includes impeller de-icers, bubble aeration tubing, and fine bubble diffusers from trusted North American brands. 


Our equipment is designed for the industrial needs of Canadian businesses. With decades of experience supplying major companies in oilsands and mining, we have the equipment you need to protect your assets and keep business running. 

De-Icing for Municipal Waterways including Ferry Docks, River Crossings, Bridge Areas and More

Pond Pro Canada has been a key consultant and equipment supplier for municipal jobs throughout Canada. We have the expertise and equipment for de-icing for lagoons, drinking water reservoirs, ferry terminals, marinas, cargo docks, and more. 

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