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Impeller De-Icers

Kasco Marine, Powerhouse and Arbrux De-Icers

Pond Pro Canada has been supplying impeller de-icers for over 20 years as a reliable de-icing solution for industrial projects, barges, temporary de-icing, and more. Commonly used in oilfield industries, marinas, and emergency de-icing situations, Pond Pro Canada carries reliable impeller de-icers for all your needs. 

Brought to you by reliable North American brands like Kasco Marine, Powerhouse Ice-Eater, and Arbrux, our experts have the knowledge and suppliers to provide reliable de-icing equipment for any industrial project. 

Impeller de-icers are available in 1/2- 5HP, 110 or 240V, and single or 3-phase power. 

Arbrux De-Icer for Industrial De-Icing, Oilsands De-Icing, Ferry De-Icing and Tailings Ponds De-Icing in Canada
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Dock De-Icer Bubblers

  • 1- 3HP Available

  • 115V - 575 V

  • Arctic Proven for durability

  • Units move up to 2700 gallons per minute

  • Commonly used in tailing ponds

  • Specialty dock mounts are available

  • Made in Canada

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D-Series De-Icer

  • 1/2-5HP Available

  • 115V - 240 V

  • Made in the USA

  • Proven reliable in harsh unforgiving climates

  • Commonly used in tailing ponds, around barges, marinas, etc

  • Thermostat control panels and industrial dock mounts are available

  • 2-year warranty

  • Various cord lengths are available

Kasco Marine 4400D De-Icer for Canadian Industrial de-icing in mining, oilsands, ferries, barges
Powerhouse Ice-Eater P1000 De-Icer for industrial de-icing, barge de-icing, ferry de-icing, river de-icing, tailings ponds de-icing and construction de-icing
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P-Series Ice Eater

  • 1/4- 1HP Available

  • 115V  or 230V

  • 1 HP produces an 80' open diameter

  • Made in the USA

  • Various cord lengths are available

  • 3-year warranty

  • 1HP moves 1400 gpm

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