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De-Icing Research

Commercial De-Icing is complex, but Pond Pro has investigated all the aspects of de-icing to ensure successful solutions for you. 

We offer only research-backed technology to ensure you protect your infrastructure.

We have some of our many case studies below. 

To have us send a copy of the engineered studies for review, please contact our team.

Industrial De-Icing Research

De-Icing Case Studies

Scientist on Computer
Scientist on Computer

Kasco De-Icing Case Study

A 1/2 HP Impeller De-Icer successfully removed 20-24" of ice over  a large enough area to remove the  boat lift in only 96 hours.

Fine Bubble Airline Study

This in-house study investigated the effect of fine bubble airline as a de-icer. It found it was  an extremely effective  de-icing measure.

De-Icing Airline Case Study

This study focused on a boat garage that was protected from ice damage throughout the entire winter. 

Kasco De-Icer Case Study

Kasco De-Icer De-Ices Damaged Powerline 

Location: Manitoba

Application: Flooded & Frozen Powerline Stand

Ice Thickness: 20-24″

Temperatures: -20C - -30C


We were contacted by Manitoba Hydro when they found that an area affected by an autumn flood had powerlines that were now situated in the lake. The water under these towers had frozen in the harsh temperatures and started to damage the powerline towers. 


We advised the customer to clear the ice around the powerline enough to get a Kasco 1HP De-Icer submerged in the water.  A large enough hole was cut in the ice and a de-icer was placed in the opening. 


Approximately 80 hours after the de-icer had been placed in the water, the area around the tower had been de-iced. 


The customer was able to remove/keep the area ice-free to repair the tower. The de-icer was kept running in the water during extreme temperatures to prevent future damage to the powerline. 

This unique situation shows the effectiveness of these de-icers in a vast number of applications and industries.

Kasco De-Icer as Emergency De-Icer in Canadian Industrial Applications

Fine Bubble Airline Study

Use of Fine Bubble Airline Diffusers for De-Icing

Fine bubble airline is extremely effective as a de-icing method as it is efficient yet creates very powerful water movement. Our team completed a detailed study, highlighting the surface area that 183 cm of fine bubble airline can de-ice.


A ten-day real-world study conducted in a 1828.11 m2 pond with a max depth of 3.9m by the diffuser manufacturer reported the significant ice-covered surface area opened by Pond Pro Fine Bubble Airline. This test occurred in varying temperatures of -12 to -19°C and was compared to a control pond of similar size, depth, and water temperatures.


The water temperature of the 1828.11 m2 pond was 2.4°C at the bottom and had an average temperature of 1.9°C. In the study, 183 cm of PP-FBA de-iced an area of 43.78 m2 over a period of 40 hours (starting with an initial ice depth of 10.46 cm). The control pond in the same real-world weather conditions measured a total of 20.83 cm of ice by day 10 of this experiment.

Figure 1. Areas of ice-openings (m2) caused by 183 cm Pond Pro Fine Bubble Airline® over a 40-hour time period, at a depth of 3.9 m.



This significant de-iced area in this study shows just how effective this airline is in de-icing. This test was a 183cm piece and is only a fraction of the amount of porous aeration tubing used in our Can-Air De-Icer Pro Diffuser. When extrapolated to the scale of the Can-Air De-Icer Pro Diffuser which has a total of 54.86m of PP-FBA, the Can-Air De-Icer Pro can de-ice an area of 1276.9 m2.

image (1).png

Can-Air De-Icing Airline Case Study

Can-Air De-Icing Airline Successfully De-Ices Boat Garage

Location: Southern Ontario

Application: Boat Garage

Ice Thickness: 18-22"

Area Depth: 6-10'             

Lake Depth: 30-40'

Outdoor Temperature: (-16C) to (-5C)


A customer installed a de-icing airline system of a 3/4 HP air compressor and 100' of Can-Air 1/2" De-Icing Airline to protect his boat garage during the winter months. 


The customer turned on the de-icing system when there was a thin layer of ice in the area. Within 48 hours, the de-icing system had cleared the entire boat garage area. Within 72 hours, it had cleared an additional 15' beyond the boat garage of ice.


The customer kept this system running all winter and prevented any ice damage to his boat garage infrastructure or boat. 

De-Icing Airline, Bubble Tubing Deicing line
De-Icing Airline Tubing, Bubble Tubing for De-Icing, Bubble Curtain De-Icing Airline

Kasco De-Icer Case Study

Kasco De-Icer Helps With Boat Lift Retrieval

Location: Northwestern Ontario

Application: Boat Lift/Dock

Details: Lake Application

Ice Thickness: 20-24″

Lake Depth: 8′

Outdoor Temperature (over a 4 day period): 5°C (41°F) during the daytime, 0°C (32°F) during the nighttime.


A customer’s boat lift unit experienced a break in a supporting cable, resulting in the unit falling into the lake. The customer returned after the lake had frozen to find the boat lift unit under 20-24 in. of ice.


The customer cleared snow and chipped out the railing closest to shore, but needed another solution to retrieve the boat lift.

Friday: A hole measuring 30 in. wide was cut out, and Kasco’s 1/2HP de-icer was placed in the opening approximately 2 ft. from the lake bottom.

Before and After:







Tuesday (approximately 96 hours later): The de-icer had cleared away enough ice to safely remove the boat lift unit from the water.


The customer was able to remove the unit with no significant damage.

Customer Testimonial:

“We never would have rescued this without the de-icer. Thanks again, It’s a great product for applications like this.”

Kasco, boat dock with ice damage
Kasco Boat Lift that has been de-iced
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