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Bottom Diffuser De-Icing

Pond Pro offers premium industrial bottom aeration from the reliability of the Can-Air brand. 

The Can-Air De-Icer Pro offers the largest diffuser of its kind with 176' of fine bubble hose in a 94" x 88" stainless steel diffuser. Designed for deep water industrial de-icing such as ferry docks, marinas,  and more, this made-in-Canada de-icing system is engineer approved to withstand harsh Northern climates in fresh or saltwater. 

This de-icing system can also be used for process ponds and cooling ponds for industrial applications like pulp mills. 

Fortified tubing, Can-Air Aqua Tube Pro is also available for high-pressure or long-distance airline run applications (100 PSI working pressure, 600 PSI burst pressure). 

Can-Air De-Icer Pro Diffuser  Spec Sheet

Can-Air AquaTube Pro

Spec Sheet

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