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Industrial and Commercial De-Icing Consulting

Aquatic Engineering Canada and Pond Pro are industry leaders in providing customized innovative solutions to de-icing challenges across Canada, including docks, barges, and marinas. 

Our team provides expertise and experience to ensure the job is completed successfully, on budget, and on time. Our consulting and project planning team can assist at every phase of the project - from system design and engineering to procurement and installation. 


Our in-house engineers specialize in de-icing and bring their knowledge and experience to every project.  

Due to our diverse team, our consulting services extend further, with the ability to offer water quality testing, water aeration design, municipal water management, and more. 

De-Icing Experts and Consulting Services

Industrial De-Icing Engineering Services

De-Icing Design Sample for Oilsands Equipment De-Icing

Aquatic Engineering Canada offers engineering services to assist in the design and implementation of your large-scale de-icing system. We offer multiple engineering services to provide the confidence you need in your upcoming project. 

With de-icing engineering specialists on staff to approve de-icing system designs and modifications, AEC brings its knowledge and expertise past every competitor. 

Our engineering specialists are also available to design custom de-icing equipment, made possible by AEC/Pond Pro's machining department.

Our network of de-icing experts extends past our in-house experts to include the team of Kasco engineers behind the extensive success of Kasco D-Series De-Icers, also available through Pond Pro to assist in customization and system design. 

De-Icing Bubble Airline Curtain for Canadian River De-Icing

De-Icing Experience 

AEC brings you the expertise you need for a successful de-icing system unique to your project. Our team has learned from over 24 years of commercial de-icing in one of the harshest climates in the world. Our de-icing experience includes:

  • Tailings ponds

  • Mining operations

  • Marinas, Harbours, and Docks

  • Industrial barges

  • Construction and gravel operations

  • Emergency Fisheries De-Icing

  • Rivers and other major waterways

Barge & Tailings Ponds De-Icing Equipment in Canada


Pond Pro and AEC have accumulated a strong client base through quality customer service and industry-leading de-icing equipment. These are just a few of our many satisfied customers. 

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