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Ice Damage of Water Infrastructure

Ice Damage

Ice can wreak havoc on any waterway, boats, or infrastructure in the water over the cold winter months.  

Ice Jacking

Ice jacking occurs when ice forms naturally around structures in the water, which then "lifts or jacks" these structures up due to fluctuations in water depth. This form of damage can decimate docks, and even leave boats washed up on-shore.  

Preventing ice formation and ensuring an ice-free area around these structures is the guaranteed way to prevent ice jacking.

Ice Expansion Damage

Ice expansion is a common problem that is often missed until it is too late. Ice naturally expands by 9-10% as it forms, which creates significant pressure on structures.  This pressure is significant enough that it can bend, snap and destroy pilings, docks, bulkheads, and boats. 

Maintaining an ice-free area is the only guaranteed way to ensure no damage is done to any infrastructure in the water and ensure boat and vessel protection.

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